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Interviewing (prices starting at $100)

We perform mock interview sessions both in person and over the phone. We ask questions and help to prepare you for the tough and out of the box questions interviewers sometimes ask. We are here to help you land the job. We will review your resume with you to ensure you are able to articulate your experience as it relates to the job/industry you are applying for. We will assist with the selection of proper interview attire and appropriate follow up after interviewing. We will also provide you with tools to ask knowledgeable questions and show interest in the company and the position. We will also assist with the composition of thank you letters.

Resume development (prices starting at $100)

If you do not have a resume we will develop one for you! We have a few simple questions to ask concerning your job history and we will do the rest.

Resume Critiques (prices starting at $50)

Do you already have a resume? Well we will take a look at your current resume and add few updates to make it more aesthetically pleasing and informative.

Job Search (prices starting at $100)

We will help you to create a job search plan. We will point you to positions that are in line with your skills, education and experience to assist you with finding a position that will appeal to you. We will send job notifications and create registrations for job search boards and highlight positions we feel are best suited for you. We can also assist with the application process including company follow up for consideration and thank you letters.

Company research and contact identification (prices starting at $50)

In order to get the job you must know the appropriate person to contact. In the sea of online applications you must know how to stand out. We will research the company of your choice and provide you with the tools to get in front of them.

Networking (prices starting at $50)

We will assist you with identifying groups and people to align yourself with to get into the position you desire. Whether it is identifying events or finding names and networks we will find it.

Career Coaching (prices starting at $500)

If you are looking to start a new career path, find a career that will make your happy or move up with your current company, we will assist you with tips and tools to make that change. Career Coaching includes all of our services including networking; resume development, contact identification, job search and interviewing. We will provide notifications and resources to assist you with your career expectations. For career growth we will provide you with tips on achieving your company’s goals and move up to the next level. If the position isn’t there we believe that it can be created. All you have to do is show that you have the drive and skills to do it!

Driven: seminar, workshop and event hosting (prices starting at $500)

We will come to your venue to provide seminars and workshops that fall within our service offerings. We will host events and assist with contact database creation that will include information for people in the industries of your choice. We will then invite them to your event.

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